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And though we waited 12 years for the third installment, when it came out there was a unanimous agreement that the wait was worth it.

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Set 15 years after the events of the original game, you again lead a party of Rangers in a post-nuclear world, attempting to provide some law and order to a world gone monster crazy. Wasteland 2 also features plenty of violence, a Mature rating, and requires a moderately powerful Mac to run. A unique take on either the dungeon crawler and the rhythm game, Crypt of the NecroDancer somehow manages to meld those two genres into a game that is hard but fair, and undeniably fun.

Think Dance Dance Revolution, but instead of just matching your moves to a beat, you have to match your moves to the beat to attack enemies, explore dungeons, and otherwise make your way through each level. And it should run, or dance, on just about any machine.

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  • A modern update to the classic game, Planescape: Enhanced Edition remains one of the best RPGs of all time. Great story and locations, interesting characters and updated graphics land Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition firmly on our list.

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    As a bonus, just about anybody with a Mac can enjoy the game with its extremely modest system requirements. Lord of the Rings Online is a good example.

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    These are Mac games. No Wine, Parallels or Bootcamp will ever be needed. They all install natively on your Mac without the need of Windows or other. One of the main things we aim to provide that no one else does is a look at how these games perform on Macs. Our games are all tested on a variety of different Macs under the exact same conditions, to make sure we can provide a decent idea of how well your Mac may run them. And for your reference, this is how we interpret the results:. We all know how subjective reviews can be, and how games can be review-bombed by the public for reasons sometimes having nothing to do with the game itself.

    But we make sure we pick only games that have been positively received by both professional reviewers and average gamers. We always keep in mind price tags and production levels to give indies and AAA games equal chances. Looks are important, but fun gameplay is even more so. And as this list shows, RPGs are more than just sword and sorcery.

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    • The 25 best Mac games you can get right now;
    • And we had to leave lots of good ones off. So, which one is your favorite? Did we miss any you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments section. Steven Marx has been playing games on the Macintosh since his brother brought home a used Mac k in How about Torchlight II. But I think ultimately Ric and I decided to focus on the newer games if we were going with a series. Early versions of it were incredibly buggy and required lowering graphics and other settings just to make it sort of playable. KOTOR2 has so far been much more stable for me. Definitely belongs on your list.

      Just played Dust: I hear good things about that game. The enhanced edition of Icewind Dale is a spectacularly good RPG experience — the music and atmosphere are second-to-none, with very modest system requirements. I would add Drakensang online to this list. Its free to join, video quality graphics, just do the opening quests.

      Right now there is an event in the capital city of Kingshill, involving going into the sewers to fight the giant rats and other nasties. Easier for everyone to find it. Guild Wars 2. Game client still in Beta mode, but been running it while bugging along with the rest of the gameworld population for four years now. It is beautiful to say the least, and is free to play for starters till you are tired of not being able to use more than say chat and messaging, but if you have your own people on voice comms it is fine.

      You can max out your character till level 80, but not use the trading post on a free account. Look out for Christmas or pre-expansion sales. Torment was a recent discovery for me, too. Has anyone recently played Torment: Tides of Numenera? Is there that much difference between the various editions, besides the price? Some reviews talk about its buggy performance, but maybe they have been addressed in more recent updates.

      Really odd. I am planning to buy Pathfinder: Kingmaker from GOG. And luckily, MacOS has benefited from all of these new entries. In this guide: Star Wars: KOTOR 2. Last updated: July 21, We have tested over 10 new games released since this guide was first created in September and decided to crown a new all-around champion.

      How We Decide We purchase all of the games we review with our own funds. Our favorites: Pillars of Eternity 2. Full Review. System Requirements: OS Original Sin. Also great RPG Mac choices. Darkest Dungeon. Diablo 3. Wasteland 2: Crypt of the NecroDancer. Enhanced Edition. The Competition: Free RPG games for Mac and more?

      To do this you participate in a series of battles, or Rites, 3v3 style; that ressemble more a sporting match than a battle. In fact, some call it the succesor NBA Jam needed. With a unique battle system and beautiful new world to explore, Pyre is also lightweight enough to run on just about any recent Mac. The Banner Saga takes place in a Viking-inspired setting. It uses beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics and animations and, as with many of the games on this list, focuses as much on story and character as on combat.

      The 10 Best Role-Playing Games for Mac

      With a focus on exploration and combat, Torchlight 2 builds on the original with new classes, more and better loot and the return of randomly generated levels for maximum replayability. While a little late to release after its successful Kickstarter, PoE delivered on its promise of a return to old-fashioned RPG gaming. Pillars features extreme character customization, a large world to explore, an engaging story, and a real-time with pause combat system, all executed beautifully. That said, this modern classic still requires a moderately powerful Mac.

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      Seriously, where do they find the time? In fact this game is so story-driven you can actually avoid much of the combat through your words and actions. Much like Tyranny, complaints center around the amount of reading involved, with people comparing it to a book or choose-your-own-adventure game.

      The best MacOS games for 12222

      Dragonfall was originally released as an expansion campaign for Shadowrun Returns but was so darned good the developers decided it deserved its own game release as Shadowrun: With loads of new content, new music and a revamped interface and combat system, Dragonfall certainly feels like its own game. The combination of magic and technology has always been a hallmark of the Shadowrun series, and this entry is no exception. Nightwar Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a classic-style JRPG featuring turn-based combat, lots of dungeon crawling, and a beautiful comic-book art style based on the original Battle Chasers comic book series.

      Clearly, this is an homage to classic s JRPGs. Known for its character customization options and complex but learnable battle system, Nightwar also features a lot of grind at certain parts of the game. Randomized dungeons, the excellent battle system and the beautiful surroundings do help alleviate some of the tedium.

      Able to run on most any Mac, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is perfect for some single-player, retro-RPG fun. Unique in that ground only appears as you move around, making movement tricky, Bastion also feels less like an RPG than many on this list.