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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. After installation you will see the main screen of Microsoft Lync When you try to log on you need to use your email address 2 times 1 time for email address and 1 time for user ID. Try to login again. Share this: Email. In this example, using Sipgate, I will need to know the domain, the username this is usually your account name , the STUN server, and a port number. Find this information from your SIP service provider with whom you signed up earlier.

Tip: Different SIP service providers will require different criteria to be entered into the Telephone app in order for it to work.

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For help with your particular SIP service provider be sure to check with tlphn. It is also important that you accept Telephone App accessing your contacts, otherwise, you will not benefit from the full functionality as Telephone App uses CLI Call Line Identification to check your Contacts app. Further, if you have you have the incoming number listed, it will present to you the name of the person or company that is calling.

To test that you can receive an incoming call to your new landline number, first ensure that your Mac has an Internet connection. Second, ensure that the Telephone app is running. Finally, use a mobile telephone or a fixed line telephone to call your new landline number.

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All being well, after a few seconds, you should see a notification of the incoming call. If CLI called line identification is available, you will see the telephone number. If the contact number is in your Contacts app, you will see the name of the person calling. Until you have applied credit to your SIP account you will not normally be able to make outgoing telephone calls. However, there is still a way to test that outgoing calls is set up correctly by calling a freephone number.

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In the UK, I can call numbers to test to get going call functionality. In this particular example, even though I have not applied any credit to my SIP account, Sipgate allows me to call freephone numbers using their VoIP service.

Call an number to confirm that the outgoing call functionality is working. Ideally, this is best when you have a reason to call that number anyway. Alternatively, find an information line that uses an telephone number. If you have permitted Telephone App access to Contacts app, then you will be able to type a name in order to find the correct telephone number to make a call. If you prefer, you can just type in a telephone number.

The easy way to test this is to have a friend or colleague telephone your new landline number so that you can spend some time talking to them via your Mac to ensure that the quality of service is as you expect. Upload and download bandwidth of your broadband connection is important for ensuring good quality and reliable VoIP calls.

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In most cases, a normal VoIP telephone call will use around 90 kilobits per second. If, however, you use a dial-up connection then this may not provide sufficient bandwidth to enable reliable VoIP telephony. If you are connected to the Internet via cable or a DSL connection and you are having problems, such as stuttering, with your VoIP telephony then you may wish to check the terms of your broadband contract to check that your ISP is not performing traffic-shaping or throttling of VoIP services on your line.

In such situations, it may be worth investing in a USB headset, with a microphone, that allows you and the other party to hear each other more clearly. If the results of your tests are positive, and you wish to keep telephone on your Mac for the purposes of making receiving telephone calls, then you may wish to consider a couple of settings to ensure the telephone App runs automatically when you turn on your Mac. The easiest way to do this is to drag the telephone from the applications folder onto the dock.

Then secondary-click, or control-click, the mouse on the Telephone App icon. In the menu select Options and then select Keep In Dock. Repeat the process and select Open At Login. You can use your new landline number on your business cards, on your website, in your email signature and pass it on to your business contacts. If you work away from home and you have a reliable broadband connection, you will be able to make and receive telephone calls on your landline number, regardless of location.

Your customers may think that you are hard at work in the office but in reality you could be talking to them from a tropical beach. They need never know! While it is possible to configure VoIP services with desk telephones, I use the Snom for this purpose, this is only really useful if you are in an office and want the convenience of a desk phone.

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For the mobile worker, freelancer or individual it is more cost-effective to have Telephone App running on your Mac. When your Mac is turned off then you will not, of course, be able to receive calls. So what happens with your callers? I am using Adium 1.

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