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Safari included RSS features and iChat supported up to four participants in a video conference or 10 participants in an audio conference.

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With the release of the aluminum unibody MacBook and Macbook Air with multi-touch track pad, OS X Leopard also unofficially supported multi-touch gestures. Other features included Resume, which allowed apps to reopen if closed, and Auto Save. Apps from iOS devices were also brought over: Reminders, Notes and Messages, which brought iMessage to the Mac for the first time; Notification Center alerted users to new emails, messages, software updates or calendar alerts; Dictation converted words into text; and a new Sharing button allowed the sharing of photos, videos, files and links with Mail, Messages and AirDrop.

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Finally, Gatekeeper helped protect users from downloading and installing malicious software to their Macs by only permitting users to install apps from the Mac App Store and other identified developers. It replaced its big cat naming convention with places in Apple's home state of California; thus Mavericks was named after a popular surfing spot. To match the design overhaul of iOS 7 , OS X Yosemite discarded the skeumorphic interface it had used for over 10 years.

The update included a flat graphic design, blurred translucence effects, a two-dimensional Dock that iterated the one used in Tiger , updated icons, light and dark color schemes, and the first time ever replacement of the default system typeface from Lucida Grande to Helvetica Neue. With Continuity , Macs could now receive and make calls from an iPhone on the same Wifi network.

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The new Photos app replaced iPhoto and integrated photos from iCloud or an iOS device into one place. Mail allowed marking up attachments right in the app, and Mail Drop allowed users to send large files up to 5GB without having to worry about an email client's limitations. Finally, iCloud Drive let users store all types of files in one place and access them from any device. It enhanced the design and usability of OS X Yosemite with performance and security improvements. Features included Split View, which placed two full screen apps side by side; a streamlined Mission Control, which made it easier to see all open windows in one place; a smarter Spotlight that delivered results for weather, sports, stock, web, video and transit directions and can deliver information using natural language; a refreshed Maps app that included public transit information for some U.

Sierra brought a variety of changes, most notably the arrival of Siri on the Mac desktop.

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Users could access Siri in the upper right-hand corner of the menu bar between the Notification Center and Spotlight menu icons, a Dock icon, the menu bar icon or a hot key. The voice-activated assistant could help users find files, get quick access to information like the weather or perform searches, with search results that could be saved and pinned to the Notifications area.

Other changes in Sierra included a Universal Clipboard, which allowed text to be copied from one Apple device to another; iCloud Desktop and Documents, for syncing data across Macs using the cloud; Auto Unlock, which allowed the Apple Watch to unlock a macOS account; and Apple Pay on the web. Photos received a new Memories feature that automatically created curated collections of users' favorite photos and videos.

Sierra also delivered more than 60 security fixes.

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Metal 2 furthers graphics capabilities and natural language processing, and developers will be able to create interactive virtual reality experiences on a Mac for the first time. A refreshed Photos app makes searching for and organizing photos easier and contains advanced editing tools.

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