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This design used sheet metal stamping for most of its lockwork assembly, which made the pistol appear to be more complex than other weapons of this class, and with the harder cocking of the closed bolt system and heavy trigger pull, the pistol suffered with poor sales until these production problems were overcome. There was one carbine prototype built in 45 acp, however there was no interest by the management for a carbine at this time and that project was dropped. Such companies as Tapco and Rhino Sales were offering lower receiver parts kits as well as complete upper receiver assemblies.


As a result of these parts becoming available, a number of small companies started offering MAC parts kit guns for sale. These receivers are believed to have been produced by R. At the time these receivers were offered, the only company that had parts that would work in these receivers were made by MAC, in Texas.

So, a great many Taylor Model D, Mstyle pistols were completed using these parts.

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As with the Taylor, the 45 model T. These kits ran from flat unbent sheet metal, to U-shaped bent receivers, up and including stripped lower receivers. A few completed pistols have been reportedly sold by this firm as well. This company was founded in L. Ingram and R.

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The firm later moved to Las Vegas, NV, to set up manufacturing and distribution of a new line of weapons designed by Mr. Ingram which included many new and up-dated designs using the newest materials and modern manufacturing techniques. Their new line of weapons, the "Mark series," never made it past the prototype stage. The assault weapons ban spelled the end before it ever began for Mr. Ingram's new company.

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Leinad LLC. At this time, a small start-up firm was making lockwork assemblies based on the RPB closed bolt system. This company became Masterpiece Arms, which in time merged with Nighthawk Firearms to form a new company with a long track record of quality and attention to detail.

VMAC9 Complete Top Cocking Parts Kit Minus Receiver Side Plates

The location and type of safety is also different fro the M Manufactured after the assault weapons ban, this pistol does not have a threaded barrel. In addition, the lockwork of this new and compact design is well thought out and very rugged. According to reports, the Vulcan V10 is available in both 9 mm and 45 acp. Also being offered are a new design of side cocking MAC pistols and carbines. With a silencer attached, it makes no more noise than a sewing machine.

It is just as easy, however, for convicted felons, or others who do not want their names on a list, to buy a semiautomatic version of the gun and a couple of parts and put together an automatic MAC with a silencer. These easily obtainable, but illegal, MAC submachine guns have become standard weapons among drug dealers and right-wing extremist groups, according to Federal authorities who investigate weapons violations. Killings Involve MAC's. They point to several recent incidents involving converted MAC's with silencers, including these:.

Two members of an extremist group face charges in the killing. It can only be bought by those without felony records; the fingerprints of each stamp buyer are kept on file. In addition, local law-enforcement officials must be informed and give their approval to a potential buyer before he buys the gun.

Other semiautomatic weapons can also be converted to automatic fire, but it is particularly easy with the MAC, according to Federal authorities. One model of the semiautomatic MAC is so easy to convert it is legally classified as a machine gun, even though it only fires one shot at a time. The weapons can be obtained in a number of ways.

Private individuals are permitted under Federal law to make ''occasional'' sales of weapons, including semiautomatics.

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Federal law-enforcement officials say many semiautomatic weapons change hands in private, unregulated sales that leave no paper trail. Modifications Are Needed. With the conversion kit, the weapon can be modified at a machine shop or a well-equipped home workshop to function as a submachine gun. A modified weapon, with or without the parts from the conversion kit installed, is considered an automatic weapon under the law.

In the same way, someone who owns all the parts of a silencer, assembled or unassembled, is violating the law prohibiting the possession of a silencer. It is legal for a dealer to sell some of the parts to a silencer, but not all of them. Semiautomatics are offered for sale at several hundred gun shows or fairs held around the country each year. In a recent gun show in Missippi, a number of semiautomatic weapons, including at least a half dozen MAC's, were offered for sale.

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  4. Instructions Are Included. Detailed assembly instructions were included with the silencer parts and the conversion kits, which were also available for semiautomatic Uzis, M's and AR's. There are no deductions for not including the magazine. This kit includes everything you need to complete a pistol minus the receiver side plates. The receiver side plate prints will be sent along with the kit. Like the MAC 11 they are made of a formed sheet metal lower receiver containing the trigger mechanism and square tube upper receiver, housing the barrel and bolt assembly.

    It uses the blow-back unlocked bolt design. No shotgun magazines over 8 rounds. No other magazines over 15 rounds. District of Columbia: