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To adjust the speed of the selected range or an area outside it, drag any of the three speed sliders at the top of the clip. Select the clip in the timeline. A reverse-play icon appears on the clip, and the clip now plays in reverse, at the speed you set.

By default, iMovie automatically slows down the speed of high-frame-rate clips when you add them to the timeline , adjusting them to play back at the same speed as the rest of your movie. You can turn off this setting in iMovie preferences. High-frame-rate footage appears to play in slow motion when slowed to regular playback speed. If you have added high-frame-rate clips to your movie with the automatic slow-motion preference turned off, you can apply this setting to selected clips.

The frame rate of the selected clip is adjusted to match the frame rate of the rest of the movie. If the clip has a duration longer than 3 seconds, iMovie adjusts the speed at the beginning and end of the clip, to emphasize the slow motion. Change clip speed In the timeline , select the clip whose speed you want to change. To show the speed controls, click the Speed button. Change the speed of part of a clip Any part of a clip can be sped up or slowed down, and you can choose whether to smoothly transition the frame rates between the part with the speed change and the rest of the clip.

Do one of the following: In adjusting the speed of just some parts of the video, you need to split the video fistly by dragging the slider to the position you want to split, click on scissors icon.

8 easy ways to speed up your Mac

Then choose the desired part of the video, drag the speed slider to the left or right depends on where you are increasing or lowering speed. In "Step 2" of "Method 2" , you can get an editing window which also allows you adjust the video duration. In this way, you can directly change the speed of video. Setting the video duration longer to slow down the video, or setting it shorter to speed up the video. After adjust the video to a suitable speed, you can save and export the video to your mobiles devices or upload to the YouTube and Vimeo directly.

With Filmora Video Editor , you can either speed up a video or slow down the video in one go. Want to know more details about slowing down videos?

10 Ways to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

Fast motion is one of the many effects that Windows Movie Maker offers for video editing. It is a program that you will enjoy during your video editing task because of the user-friendly interface and high speeds. It is economical on time and effective enough through delivering the right results. The main reason you will use the slow motion effect is to either better your video appearance and quality or enhance your presentation.

How to speed up a video?

Step 1. Import video files to the program's timeline for editing and this is where everything starts. Step 3. From the edit bar just below the "video tools" icon, click on "speed" to speed up or slow down the video as you want it to be. Microsoft Windows Live has stopped updating Windows Movie Maker, you can't use it normally on your Windows 10 computer. Virtualdub is yet another of the prominent software programs used for slowing down or speeding up a video file for free.

It can as well capture and process a video making it a two-in-one program. Even though it might not meet the editing prowess of some powerful software programs in the market, it will always be a good choice because it's streamlined to make it fast enough. Its capabilities allow for batch processing thus you can handle more than one file at a time.

How to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

Once you have ascertained that it has been installed to your computer, launch Virtualdub and add the video to edit. You can go to "file" then "open video file". Step 2. Many video files have default frame rates and this is where the whole secret lies.

By changing the frame rate, you will have speeded up or slowed down the video. Increasing the frame rate will speed up while decreasing the frame rate will lower the speed. The biggest advantage of using Virtualdub is that frame rate is always displayed on the interface making it easy to come up with calculations. If you have never seen a video on slow or fast motion, the following five will give you a close hint of how things look like. This video is in slow motion and it showcases things being dropped into water.

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How to Speed Up and Slow Down Video Clips for Free?

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